Saturday, 28 March 2015

Start To Continue Podcast #25 – Buried Up To Our Necks In Mars

-For the very first time we welcome a guest on Start To Continue Podcast
-Kevin, from Buried On Mars and Retro Fandango!
-Clearly not used to having guests!
-Kevin explains ‘Hack and Slash’ and his future release schedule
-History of Buried On Mars and the support of Sarca Sim
-That time Kevin joined the Cartridge Club
-A meeting with Ram Vox and the birth of the Fandango
-Kevin mentions an STCPod blog article featuring The Record Collection
-Kevin explains YouTube views,  monetization and reveals how many dump trucks of cash Google has sent him
-Joe finds out details of Kevin’s video game rooms.
-Waterloo Game Swap, cost of collecting and how the community helps
-Walking Dead talk (98% spoiler free)
-Game of Thrones talk (99% spoiler free)
-Ratings book for Canadian broadcasters March 1-7 2015
-Kevin’s advice on Joe’s torn apart NES

Friday, 20 March 2015

Start To Continue Podcast #24 - Ballin' With Joe

-Discussion on last episode’s golf announcer
-Bill wants Joe to do his own drywall
-Joe’s 72 pin connector and 10NES chip
-Bill’s still trippin on Mario Galaxy
-Joe quotes Ram Vox
-We all know about Stadium Events
-Discuss the return of Guitar Hero and Rock Band
-Bill sets his man hands on a Wii U
-Joe throws another party Bill isn’t invited to
-Bill works out how big Joe’s house is using party guest mathematics
-Joe doesn’t read his medication’s instructions and pays for it
- What we’ve all been waiting for BALL TALK
-We get to the bottom of Joe’s balls with actual audio from a vasectomy consult

Thursday, 19 March 2015

A Look Inside A Vinyl Collection

Here we will start to roll out Bill’s record collection to the blog reading public

This will be a task that I've been meaning to do for a while.  We will look through the collection piece by piece, seeing what is important, what is missing and what can probably be dropped (I’m looking at you April Wine…).  So why not throw it on the blog?  If you see inaccuracies, or glaring omissions, things you think belong in the collection, please leave a comment.  Am I missing an important fact about a release, leave a comment.  

My history with record collecting goes back quite a ways, long before the hipsters starting buying up vinyl because someone told them to.  I have memories not unlike the scene in Almost Famous when a young William Miller discovers his sister’s stash of records. Although, the records he finds are more along the golden road of essential rock perfection compared to my sister’s humble offerings.

I admired the huge covers, the gate-folds, and giant discs even though I didn't have the greatest interest in listening to them being so young. 

Sunday, 15 March 2015

Games Found During Bill's Wanderlust

Our boy bill found some crazy games while wandering around.....first one is definitely NOT Battleship.

Start To Continue # 23 – Bill and Joe and a Double Ender

-Our first recording not in the same room. Quasi Double Ender using Google Hangouts
-Joe settles into his golf announcer voice for the whole show, this will be dealt with on the next episode!
-Howard Stern discussion including rumours, staff changes, video options, using as a source
-Another Big Breakfast on the line, Who is Scott Depace?
-Join STCPod at the Toronto Marc Maron late show Apr 19
-@NormMacdonald is an amazing Twitter to follow
-Joe goes rogue on @STCPod’s Twitter
-Joe pulles apart his NES
-Bill gushes over Youtuber NESRomancer
-Walking Dead catch up (SKIP TO 58:00 TO AVOID SPOILERS)
-Canadian TV Ratings for Feb 23-Mar 1 2015
-Bill likes Battle Creek, incorrectly named Fincher as the director, was actually Bryan Singer.  Lead star, the other Olyphant, Josh Duhamel upcoming projects

Monday, 9 March 2015

Saturday, 7 March 2015

Start To Continue Podcast # 22 – EL Fuego Enojado Partido Transformers?

  • Joe sneaks another cold open and immediately drives Bill insane
  • Is Joe on something? The King Stud?
  • Bill is fired up, takes on the Tranny Podcast
  • Joe is planning another elaborate birthday party…...Bill is not
  • Retro gaming display difficulties, introducing the Framemeister to a special Super Nintendo
  • Bill finds Atari carts and a Vulcan Chain Gun
  • Yard Sale and Flea Markets and the one item Joe wants bad
  • Xbox and Wii mods
  • Joe goes to a gas station?
  • Can we talk Oscars? Nope
  • Joe talks Rogan again
  • Bill forces some Oscar talk, live tweeting and NPH
  • Barry Goldberg’s Day Off
  • Forget Rogan, Check out the Howard Stern Conan O’Brien interview
  • -Sarca Sim turns Bill on to a couple more podcasts with this article
  • Joe brings it all home with more Transformers and Beer

Sunday, 1 March 2015

Shedding The Light of Day On Some Video Games

So I've been moving some things up from the basement so I thought it was finally the right time to give these things the light of day once more on my bookshelves.  Here are a bunch of pictures of what games I brought up, though I know that I am missing some and their boxes for some reason.

Episode 21 - It Was A Hell of A Thing When Spock Died

- We remember Leonard Nimoy and some of his accomplishments and mistake his cause of death (not a heart thing)
Artie Lange gives @STCPod a retweet and in doing so boost our followers up to a crazy number… Let us know your biggest retweet in the comments
- Joe listens to the Joe Rogan Podcast with him interviewing Artie Lange
- Whose fault was it that we missed out on getting tickets to Rush, Mark Maron and Kevin Smith
- The upcoming 50th Anniversary Grateful Dead event
- Something else that Joe has been up to
- Our thoughts on the recent #SNL40 3 hour special and the incomparable Norm Macdonald
- The latest developments on STC Podcast’s evolution