Friday, 20 February 2015

Episode #20 - Is This A Video Game Podcast?

We celebrate  20 episodes
- Joe’s hacking cough
- We try to go explicit free this episode
- What did we think of “Better Call Saul”?
- We blow the “explicit  goal”
- “Walking Dead” returns and our thoughts
- Joe invents a new word “Eloquey”
- Are people getting “tired” of Walking Dead?  Do people want to see a win for 
  the group?
- We’re looking forward to new spin-off of Walking Dead
- Our symbol and name  is explained again
- Bill explains how he composed the new STC and ACD banners
- Joe coughs up a lung
- Joe talks about his video games and systems he brought up
- Joe’s gotta shout out BuriedOnMarsRamVoxSarca SimGirlfriendVS
- Joe watches Predator again thanks to Retro Fandango and still loves it
- What’s the proper pronunciation of Conan?
- Joe is now back into buying video games on eBay
- Joe has another hacking fit
- Joe talks about his N64 wrestling games and their ridiculous prices back in the 
- Bill talks about his systems
- Joe’s looking into getting some emulator game systems
- We discuss emulator issues
- Almost time for yardsale season
- How to yardsale 101 by Bill

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