Monday, 9 February 2015

Episode 18 - Rulings And Other Far Out Ideas

-Bill takes over
-iTunes banned us…for a little while
-Joe goes on a google rant
-Bill is sick again, but fights back with a juicer
-Better Call Saul schedule update
-Joe is positive that Bill should be watching Gotham
-Bill wants to talk Super Bowl, Joe wants to talk halftime show
-Bill and Joe come close to accurately reporting the game’s Canadian ratings
-Super Bowl ruling
-Bill and Joe try to explain exactly what is Simultaneous Substitution at length
-Should all channels be unbundled and offered a la carte?
-Bill praises Blue Ant Media for being brave enough to fund so much original Canadian content for their channels such as Backroad Bounty
-Watch Kevin O’Leary go crazy over the ruling
-A decision is made on the Third Man Records Vault membership
-Bill can’t find Bob’s latest record, Shadows in the Night
-Joe recalls a recent Bruce Springsteen concert where Born in the USA is played live in full
-Bill is addicted to the @STCPod Twitter So join up!
-Joe commits to at least one new episode of STC podcast every week!

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