Friday, 20 February 2015

Episode #20 - Is This A Video Game Podcast?

We celebrate  20 episodes
- Joe’s hacking cough
- We try to go explicit free this episode
- What did we think of “Better Call Saul”?
- We blow the “explicit  goal”
- “Walking Dead” returns and our thoughts
- Joe invents a new word “Eloquey”
- Are people getting “tired” of Walking Dead?  Do people want to see a win for 
  the group?
- We’re looking forward to new spin-off of Walking Dead
- Our symbol and name  is explained again
- Bill explains how he composed the new STC and ACD banners
- Joe coughs up a lung
- Joe talks about his video games and systems he brought up
- Joe’s gotta shout out BuriedOnMarsRamVoxSarca SimGirlfriendVS
- Joe watches Predator again thanks to Retro Fandango and still loves it
- What’s the proper pronunciation of Conan?
- Joe is now back into buying video games on eBay
- Joe has another hacking fit
- Joe talks about his N64 wrestling games and their ridiculous prices back in the 
- Bill talks about his systems
- Joe’s looking into getting some emulator game systems
- We discuss emulator issues
- Almost time for yardsale season
- How to yardsale 101 by Bill

Wednesday, 18 February 2015

Podcast Update, Big Number 20

We just wanted to send up a quick post to let you, our loyal listenership, know that we were hard at the microphone last Sunday to record Episode 20 of Start To Continue Podcast.  It was a rare morning recording session and we were certainly not used to the rays of sunshine crashing into the room.  There was so much to discuss we actually forgot to discuss much of it.  Big surprise there.  But fear not, we still drove past an hour of content in what seemed like a blink of an eye. 

Some topics we touched on:
The Walking Dead
Better Call Saul
TV Ratings
What the hell does our logo mean?
Video Games
Our YouTube friends
Much, much more!

This landmark episode is just working itself around all the many pulleys and rollers of post production (translation: waiting for Joe to upload it) and will soon be published right here on the blog.  In the meantime make sure you are caught up on the previous shows and take a second to chime in on the comments.  Bill is especially looking to hear some support for his stance on Saving Silverman!  As always, follow on the twitters!

Saturday, 14 February 2015

Episode 19 : "Eargasms and Shows We’re Looking Forward To"

-Joe comes unprepared; complains about his daughters teething; his fear of pushing things into his ears
-Bill coins a new word
-Is having a sewer gate outside your house considered “waterfront living”?
-“Gotham” is an awesome show
-A guide to what broadcast shows are returning, starting or cancelled
-Bill recommends the new show “Togetherness
-We go head to head against “Saving Silverman
-Why a recent surge in listenership, thanks Expecting Rain, the premiere Bob Dylan website
-A listener comment read out

Friday, 13 February 2015

Value Village Finds February 2015

Value Village Finds February 2015

Ok, so Joe said I had to write an article for the sure, let me put all my other responsibilities on hold and take on more work!  Well, to start off easily, I’ll let the first post be about my recent finds while picking through the shelves at the local Village of Value.

The sea of knick knacks were angry that day, this I can tell you.  The store was jammed with slow shuffling feet and the aisles were blocked with mismanaged shopping carts.  Pocket change was spilling over one of the cash registers and the parking lot had giant cars pointed in every direction.  It was... Senior’s day.  

First to catch my eye was the video game shelf filled with the regular xbox and playstation overstock.  Among them was Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 4 for the Nintendo Gamecube.

Although never a skateboard dude by any stretch, I knew this franchise was well

Monday, 9 February 2015

Episode 18 - Rulings And Other Far Out Ideas

-Bill takes over
-iTunes banned us…for a little while
-Joe goes on a google rant
-Bill is sick again, but fights back with a juicer
-Better Call Saul schedule update
-Joe is positive that Bill should be watching Gotham
-Bill wants to talk Super Bowl, Joe wants to talk halftime show
-Bill and Joe come close to accurately reporting the game’s Canadian ratings
-Super Bowl ruling
-Bill and Joe try to explain exactly what is Simultaneous Substitution at length
-Should all channels be unbundled and offered a la carte?
-Bill praises Blue Ant Media for being brave enough to fund so much original Canadian content for their channels such as Backroad Bounty
-Watch Kevin O’Leary go crazy over the ruling
-A decision is made on the Third Man Records Vault membership
-Bill can’t find Bob’s latest record, Shadows in the Night
-Joe recalls a recent Bruce Springsteen concert where Born in the USA is played live in full
-Bill is addicted to the @STCPod Twitter So join up!
-Joe commits to at least one new episode of STC podcast every week!

Monday, 2 February 2015

Episode 17 - Better Call Saul's Hairless Eggs

-What happened to Episode 16? Or Episode 16b??
-Bill gets snappy at Joe (Warning…his anger grows throughout episode winking
-Gratitude to the podfather… Buried on Mars
-We preview Better Call Saul
-Bob Odenkirk on Nerdist Podcast #589
-Joe is proud to thoroughly catch up on Vampire Diaries
-Television round up featuring Penny Dreadful21 MonkeysGotham and more
-Bill has to decide whether to join the amazing Third Man Records Vault membership
-Joe gives a Transformer update and shares a confession on his ‘no purchases’ pledge
-Joe incredulously attacks the Start To Continue Youtube channel.  Bill goes crazy
-Joe pivots with a classic Benji deflection to the neonate STCPod Blog
-Our official Podcaster job titles
-Why Joe keeps scratching ‘south of the border’
- Guitar Challenge