Thursday, 15 March 2018

STCPod #176 - A Brief History of Time

How does a special record on Happy Pi Day gets us talking about 3D movies?  Joe clears off his PVR and breaks his TV. We talk black holes, Stephen Hawking and how stupid we are.  Can we pull off a Lord of the Rings marathon?  Why are cats pricks? Joe loses a car seat but starts playing the guitar again. Bill talks about the Rolling Stone documentary he made Joe listen to and Thor is funny.  All this and much more! Enjoy!

  • Why is Bill late for the record
  • Happy Pi day
  • Life of Pi movie / 3D movies
  • Clearing off the PVR
  • Joe's TV is broke
  • Barrie Game Exchange
  • Stephen Hawking passes
  • Lord of the Rings marathon
  • Kids and the March Break
  • Cats are pricks
  • No more car seat
  • Joe starts playing guitar again
  • Blues Traveller and harmonicas
  • Concert memories
  • Rolling Stone documentary on HBO
  • Thor Ragnarok is funny

Thursday, 8 March 2018

STCPod #175 - Iritis (Or How I Learned To Use A Bidet and Loved It)

This week Bill doesn't believe Joe's reason for his red eye. We argue time-based vs turn-based battles in video games.  Tim Horton's coffee and why it sucks. Bill gets paranoid. We argue over sleep again. We have 2 different birthdays on one weekend. YouTube screws Transformers and Beer over for no reason and then doesn't fully explain why and we remember bidets and discuss how to use them. Enjoy!

Thursday, 1 March 2018

STCPod #174 - I Dreamed A Dream

This weeks show has Joe bleeding all over while Bill tells us about his erotic dream.  Joe possibly says goodbye to a TV.  It's a double birthday weekend though Bill seems to think that one of them is harder than the other.  The long awaited sleep results of Joe's sleep test are revealed but will they satisfy Bill?  All this and much more on this episode of STCPod! Enjoy!

  • How to have a good sleep
  • A bloody finger
  • Bill's Honda update
  • Bill dreams of Joe
  • My TV blew up
  • Guys weekend at the cottage
  • Double birthday weekend
  • Joe's sleep test results
  • Driving off the highway
  • Cutting off Value Village
  • Kevin Smith

Thursday, 22 February 2018

STCPod #173 - SIRI Fails, Famous TV Restaurants and the Big Nickel

This time Joe goes Pro and Bill goes crazy over a wedding and a cottage weekend. Joe tries to explain what Casino Rama is and Bill tells about his weekend in the Big Nickel. SIRI fails again but we are still able to find some famous TV restaurants on our own. We argue Star Trek Discovery again. Bill informs us about an Andre the Giant special and after Joe wakes up, he asks an important question about Alan Wake. Enjoy!!

  • Pro Joe intro
  • Barrie Game Exchange
  • #respect text message
  • wedding
  • White Mazda
  • Cottage weekend
  • Explaining Casino Rama
  • Pet Sounds / Alice Cooper
  • Bill's Big Nickel / volleyball
  • TV restaurants
  • Sgt. Bilko?
  • Star Trek Discovery finale
  • Andre The Giant
  • Alan Wake question

Thursday, 15 February 2018

STCPod #172 - Stop With All of This Ed Hardy Motion

In this week's episode......Bill goes crazy over what he calls some people's "privileged parking". Joe get's poor service trying to get some coffee. We gush over each other from last weekend's charity stream and Joe has some thoughts for the future. More car woes for Joe, Bill hates Ed Hardy jeans but loved stop-motion and watching experiments. Enjoy!


Logo remaster courtesy of Ryan O'Reilly @ryanovision

Thursday, 8 February 2018

STCPod #171 - The Song Remains The Same

This week Joe tries to find out how many glasses he would have to sell to buy Bill's new furniture.  What did we do on the Superbowl? Check out both of us this upcoming weekend as we  Twitch a live video game stream to help a friend out. We argue over sleep masks and why The Song always Remains The Same. Enjoy!


Logo remaster courtesy of Ryan O'Reilly @ryanovision

Thursday, 1 February 2018

STCPod #170 - Take Those Olives and Rub Them All Over My Body

Despite the continual barrage of unwarranted emotional attacks from a certain runner-up podcast that shall remain nameless, the two hunk-o-hunks from STCPod rally and rise up.  Bill is forced to spend 5 pairs of #JoeGlasses on some new furniture, and despite Joe's insistence that olives are good both in and all over your body, Bill still refuses to eat them.  A "Glow" continues to surround Bill while Joe's "Discoverery" of Black Mirror leaves him less than impressed. All this much much more ! Enjoy!


Logo remaster courtesy of Ryan O'Reilly @ryanovision

Thursday, 25 January 2018

STCPod #169 - Falling Down the YouTube Rabbit Hole

The Cartridge Club Podcast of the Year 2017 is back for another week and we win a contest, vomit up some smoked salmon, air-dry some balls, get disgusted at Star Wars Eps 2 and fall down a rabbit hole. Enjoy!

  • Why won't Bill just tell Joe who won The Polykill contest?
  • Joe and his smoked salmon
  • Air-drying balls
  • Joe's is disgusted having to show his kids Star Wars Epsiode 2
  • Joe watches Avatar for the 1st time
  • Bill button mashes his way through Mario Odyssey
  • Stumbling down the YouTube rabbit hole
  • Where did Bill disappear to on his birthday weekend?

Thursday, 18 January 2018

STCPod #168 - Cartridge Club Podcast of the Year

The year is starting off Bright for us as we thank everyone for giving us the Cartridge Club Podcast of the Year Award. Everything else is the same though as we discuss beans and gas, Joe gets an eyefull of sauna nudity, what a pain Shoppers Rewards can be and much, much more. Enjoy!

  • Falling asleep before the show
  • Beans, beans the musical fruit
  • Sending our thanks for becoming Cartridge Club Podcast of the Year
  • New categories for next years show
  • Grey chest hair
  • Sauna nudity
  • High school orientation night
  • Barrie Game Exchange
  • Hand sin my pocket
  • Bill "finishes" Mario Odyssey
  • Bills Shoppers Super Saver event
  • Eating Nerds like a horse
  • The glasses have arrived
  • Strikeback is back on HBO
  • Will Smith bring Will Smith in Bright

Thursday, 11 January 2018

STCPod #167 - Looking To The Skies For A Discovery

This week Joe decides to tackle Crimson Skies on the Xbox because he saw Musty playing it, even though Bill told him to try it years ago.  We have a massive argument over Star Trek : Discovery and shows in general. Bill reads some listeners comments and Joe debunks them. Joe tries to teach Bill some math and Bill tells Joe how he pictures what his life is like. Enjoy!

  • One of us keeps on stirring the pot
  • Joe tackles Crimson Skies for Xbox because he saw Musty play it
  • Forza Bill!
  • We argue over Star Trek : Discovery
  • Listener comments responded to
  • More Joe Math
  • Bill thinks Joe lives his life like a soap opera set